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Mentor. Trainer. Advocate.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability are among the leading issues facing companies in today's competitive global business enviroment. These pressing concerns have required leaders to develop the skills and knowledge that are essential for deepening their understanding and ability to manage continuous change with a clarity of vision, organizational alignment and personal responsibility.


Through practical guidance and support, The Bellos Group helps professionals build their skills, knowledge and leadership capabilities that promote a meaningful career and their contribution to society. Mentors and coaches provide assistance to clients in the following areas:


Career-related: career planning, building a professional network, and resume, presentation and interviewing skills


Personal growth: building skills in time management, logistics, interpersonal communication, group dynamics, self-confidence and strategies to navigate issues concerning procrastination and perfection


Continuous improvement: learning to give and receive feedback, resolve conflict and other areas requiring self-improvement


Organizational leadership: building your knowledge base about sustainability, social and environmental responsibility and collaboration


Both short-term and extended mentoring agreements are developed with clients. The Bellos Group provides individual sessions in-person, on-line and on the phone, as well as facilitates workshops with teams and seminars for larger groups.

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