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Strategic. Entrepreneurial. Collaborative.


The Bellos Group

Founded in 1991 in the S.F. Bay Area, the firm provides global marketing and management services to private, public and NGO sector clients. Expertise in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, strategic business development, market research and management coaching to executive-level professionals.

Thea Bellos, Principal

An energetic and seasoned professional with a solid record of business expertise, academic and managerial excellence, and a record for innovation in global professional services in marketing and management.


A fine art and travel photographer, Bellos has traveled extensively throughout the world documenting the natural and built environment.



Our global team is comprised of specialists and experts in the fields of research, sustainabilty, training and communications. Driven by the needs of our clients and their assignments, collaborative teams are formed to manage their projects on-time,  within budget and with complete client satisfaction.

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